Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Watch Horrible Bosses Movie Online

From Fighting Like Cats to Behaving as Tear-Buddies- All Shades Of Women on ‘Horrible Bosses’!
Whether it’s Pippa Middleton at the royal wedding, or Keira Knightley at her brother’s wedding, Horrible Bosses somehow always manage to hog all the limelight. No matter how pretty and flawless the bride may look, it’s always the buxom beauties by her side, who’ll be looked at and talked about.

If you’re one of those awestruck on-lookers who keep musing over what exactly these beautiful women must be whispering into each others ears, and laughing over, as the bride and the groom exchange vows, then you really must watch Horrible Bosses movie online, since this is definitely the one movie that you’ve been waiting for! The movie comes as a welcome relief to all those who’re fed up of the male-centered superhero movies, which seem to be all that Hollywood has to offer. Here comes a movie that finally shifts the focus to the fairer sex, giving us an ample dose of all that girl-power that we so love to devour.

As you watch Horrible Bosses however, you’ll realize that the movie is much more than a trite romantic comedy with nonsensical jokes and vain characters. You just have to tune in to the movie online right when it releases to know what I mean! The movie is undoubtedly the most hilarious comedy of the season, and is packed with such gut-busting funny gags, that you’ll need a box of tissues to wipe away the tears- only this time; they’ll be tears of joy, and not of nostalgia and melancholy. The central character of the movie is named Annie, and is played to utter perfection by Kristen Wiig, who’s also the writer of this movie.

Annie is a baker by profession, and runs a bakery named ‘Cake Baby’, that doesn’t work too well, and ultimately shuts down. She then begins to work as a saleslady at a jewelry store, and being lovelorn, paints the perfect picture of distress. Her social circle is limited to her best friend, Lillian, her mother, and her ‘friend with benefits’ (Jon Hamm). She moves around, in a disheveled look with her blonde hair quite a mess, and is deeply unsatisfied with what her life has turned out to be. Watch Horrible Bosses online to follow the ridiculously messed-up life of Annie, which takes an unexpected turn with the announcement of Lillian’s wedding.

Annie’s first reaction is that of envy, as she realizes how deprived of love she is, on seeing her best friend all set to tie the knot. But Annie has a lot more to worry about right now, than such feelings, since she’s got the huge responsibility of being the bridesmaid at the wedding! Together with a posse of five other girls, she embarks on an unforgettable journey of fun, laughter, hatred, envy, gossiping, catfights, and all, that can possibly happen between a group of girls, claiming to be friends. Savor the fun-filled package as you watch Horrible Bosses, which you can soon catch online!